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Fast, Convenient and Safe rides at a price you can afford
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Imagine your best ride experience

A driver with a beautiful smile, refreshing music, new friends and the best conversations. It’s not just a ride, it's an experience

Get there fast

We admire the baby steps you make towards your dream. We know it can be hard sometimes so your commute should not worsen it. Say goodbye to waiting hours for a car, frequent stops and cars that never get full

Make a new friend

Commuting is about community. Meet young, vibrant and like-minded people, your next business or life partner. Even better, you can share your experiences with your new friends on the same app

Comfort you can afford

We know you are saving towards your master’s degree, your first apartment, even your dream car. Don’t break the bank with expensive rides. Comfort should not be a luxury.


Join our very first riders as we pilot Vielly early this March at the University of Ghana

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